The Fire & Gas Detection Technologies (FGD) is led by its president, Olden Carr and its chairmen Y. Spector and operates out of Brea California. We offer the Industry a complete range of the next generation flame detectors. That is: Faster, improved false alarm immunity. Incorporating Data logger and HD Video in the range of UV/IR and IR3 detectors.

The objective of the company is to address the industry’s needs and requirements to constantly improve its safety by increasing the performance and reliability of its detection systems. 


The FlameSpec- IR3 and UV-IR - HD class flame detectors provides extremely fast response: 40 msec for fireballs or explosions and are faster (1-3 sec) for all types of hydrocarbon fires. Using the latest technology, the FlameSpec-IR3-HD is more immune to false alarms. It also provides the control center with high-definition (HD) video output and logs event data using HART, RS-485 and LAN communication. 

Y. Spector was the founder and CEO of Spectronix/Spectrex. Spector has been involved for many years in the development, implementation and marketing the introduction in the late 1970s of the UV/IR flame detector, and the IR3 (triple IR) flame detection technologies in the early 1990s.

FGD focuses its efforts on developing and improving the performance and reliability of the detectors available to the Oil & Gas and other high-risk industries. The objective of the company is to address the industry’s needs.


Fire & Gas Detection Technologies, Inc.

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