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Offshore drilling rig for use with the FlameSpec IR3-HD and UV/IR flame detectors

Since establishment in 2017, FGD’s team of industry experts and engineers have developed and brought to market a line of advanced IR3 and UV-IR flame detectors. The objective of the company is to address the industry’s needs and requirements to constantly improve its safety by increasing the performance and reliability of its detection systems.


Our core leadership team is comprised of people who have been in our industry for 30-40+ years and all have worked in small and fortune companies specific to our industry. To keep up with the growing demand for our products, FGD have recently moved to a larger office, training and manufacturing facility in Anaheim California.

FGD now offers the industry IR3 and UV-IR flame detectors that are faster in detection time, perform over longer distances, all while maintaining and improving on false alarm immunity. Our products are optimized to provide reliable performance in adverse weather conditions such as rain, fog, snow, sunlight, dust, smoke etc. In addition, our detectors have a unique optional feature of an inbuilt HD video camera. The camera continuously records and saves pre and post alarm video for local or remote download for visual analysis of any fire events. The HD video can also be streamed live back to a control room and recorded on a Network Video Recorder. The ability to remotely dial into a unit for diagnostics of any issues can avoid the necessity to send units back to the factory for evaluation.

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