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FlameSpec UV-IR-HD UV/IR hydrocarbon / hydrogen flame detector with CCTV HD quality video streaming and inernal recording of fire events.

The FlameSpec-UV-IR-HD flame detector provides ultra-fast response, high performance and reliable detection of a large variety of fires including hydrocarbon fires (visible and nonvisible), as well as Hydrogen fires.

​The detector addresses slow growing fires as well as fast eruptions of fire using improved UV/IR
technology. The detector operates in all weather and light conditions.

FlameSpec-UV-IR-F-HD model - Same As FlameSpec-UV-IR-HD but does not see hydroxyl and hydrogen fires and IR sensor that operates at a wavelength of 4.0-5-0 μm


​In addition, the detector provides high-definition (HD) video output of the monitored area with clear imaging of a fire event and of personnel at distances up to 100 ft (30m). This allows the rescue team to be aware of the exact situation before entering the hazardous area. The detector automatically records video of any fire event (1 minute pre- and up to 3 minutes post alarm initiation). These features, along with the built-in event logger, provide additional means to study the cause and development of fire events for “lessons learned” reviews.

Key Benefits

  • Hydrogen and Hydrocarbons flame detection.

  • Ultra-fast detection mode - detection within 5 milliseconds for fireballs or explosions

  • High sensitivity - up to 100ft (30m) for a 1ft² (0.1m²) n-heptane pan fire

  • High immunity to false alarm

  • Data/Event logger - alarms, faults and other relevant events are logged to non-volatile memory.

  • Ethernet communication – in addition to the standard methods, such as 4-20mA and Modbus.

  • Built-in-Test (BIT) - Automatic and manual internal self-test of window cleanliness and the overall operation of the detector (for both IR and UV channels).

  • Window heater to avoid condensation and icing.

  • Configurable detection mode – allows configuration of UV-IR, UV or IR detection modes.

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UV/IR Flame Detector - FlameSpec-UV-IR-HD

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