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Flame Simulator - FlameSpec FLS-FSIM

FSIM 2023.png

Flame simulators are often used by industry to perform detector testing during commissioning and periodic system testing. The FlameSpec simulators are inexpensive, lightweight and simple to use. The modern ergonomic design, with alignment markers, allows accurate, fast and convenient detector performance verification. Suitable for use in hazardous areas, the FlameSpec simulators can be used at
distances of up to 23.0 feet (7.0 meters) from the detector. Three different models are available for testing each type of FlameSpec Detector (Triple IR (IR3), IR3 Hydrogen (H2) and UV/IR)

All FlameSpec flame detectors perform automatic self-tests of their optics, windows, electronics and software. Additionally, the FlameSpec flame detectors can be manually put into alarm via the FGD communicator software or by short circuiting the “Manual BIT” terminal and the “24 VDC (-)“
terminal for one second. The FlameSpec flame test simulators are designed to complement these inbuilt features by providing a fully external loop test capability.

Key Benefits

  • Complementary to FlameSpec Detector inbuilt test features
    - Enables full end to end system test.

  • Inexpensive, lightweight and simple to use.
    - Reduced initial cost and ongoing maintenance costs.

  • Activation of test from up to 42 feet (13 meters).
    - Reduces the need for scaffolding.

  • Hazardous area use approved.
    - No time-consuming hot work permit required.

  • More than 1,000 activations between charges.
    - Ready to use when you are.

  • Includes carrying strap, protective storage case, battery charger and operating instructions.
    - Easy to transport and supplied with everything you need.

Click here to download Datasheet

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