• Iris Smith

The New FlameSpec-UV-IR-HD is now available for you to test

Now, you can test and use the new FlameSpec-UV-IR-HD.

that offers: Extremely high false alarm immunity - almost the same as a triple IR flame detector. Faster and a longer-range detection than the current leading products.

FlameSpec family provides you:

• Faster detection time: For fuel explosion IR3 detects in 40 milliseconds and UV-IR in 5 milliseconds (faster than any other detector). For standard fire at 100ft (30m) within 1 second

• High sensitivity - up to 100ft (30m) for a 1ft² (0.1m²) n-heptane pan fire

• Data logger: Records over 100 events with operational and video data (1 minute before and up to 3 minutes after the event).

• Continuous High Definition video: Full HD resolution real-time video with clear imaging of fire events at a distance of 100ft (30m).

• LAN Ethernet communication (ONVIF protocol) and RS 485 interface. Enables you to monitor and better address fire events and conduct remote diagnostic and maintenance

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